Leszek Tarkowski
I am a trainer, specializing in the teaching of programming in C, C++ and Python at various levels of advancement. I have MA degree in Physic and PhD in Materials Sciences, and I was working as a researcher for 11 years. My experience as a programmer is based of my need (as a scientist) for data processing and visualization. But I have found that my colleagues were more interested with my programming skills than with my research in my main field. And I've found that I'm quite good at explaining. So in 2006 I've started to conduct trainings.
Marcin Klimek
I was co-owner/software developer in video game company. For one and a half year I was a lecturer in European games academy in Kraków, presenting the subject of architecture of 3d graphics engines. Right now I'm owner of a small company, for the last three years delivering the trainings focused on both theoretical and practical aspects of multithreading and distributed technologies in C++. As a programmer I develop software related to DVB technologies in Python and C/C++ for cable tv operator.